About Supernatrual Survival Gear

About Supernatural Survival Gear

Supernatural Survival Gear was started accidentally in 2017 by me, Kent Peters, in Cape Breton Island, Canada.

All it took to get SSG started was placing a custom order of NoGi gear for ZombieProofBJJ and receiving a disappointing product. The spats had weak seams, the rashguards fell apart, and the shorts looked terrible! The excitement for my own branded gear was immediately replaced with buyers remorse.  Seeing that the gear that I had sold to my students and friends had fallen apart left me with the realization that I needed to do my own quality control.

The next level

After a lengthy search, that spanned nearly 5 months, I found a factory with amazing gear quality. With a quality supplier in place, it took about a year to execute the sampling process and get my SpaceMan design locked in and ready to launch.

ZombieProof was so supportive! In fact, almost the entire team bought gear which gave the brand a strong initial foundation. In December of 2017, our first online order was made, and the whole thing became real. People actually wanted my gear! SpaceMan to BloodPressure, BloodPressure to Camo, the gear continued to sell. When I released the first tie-dye rashguard shortly thereafter, several sizes sold out immediately. My mind was blown! From wanting the best quality for my club, a new company was born and continues to grow.

Our quality promise

If you purchase SSG I can promise you three things: Customer service will be top notch, the quality will be amazing, and you’ll buy more gear because you want it not because you need it.